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Wide Angle Smartphone Camera Lens

  • $ 1599

Your purchase benefits EarthSky, and helps us provide you with continued updates on your cosmos and world

A smartphone lens, which fits over you phone's lens, can expand the types of photos you shoot or videos you capture! 


Model Number: PP4w
Brand Name: powstro
Type: Phone camera lens
Material: Acrylic lens / aluminum alloy / ABS
Color: Black
Lens size: Wide angle lens: 5.2*1.7cm / 2.1*0.7"(D*H) Macro lens: 4.1*1.3cm / 1.6
Clip size: 6.2*4.2*2.6cm / 2.4*1.6*1.1"(L*W*H)
Clip open width: Max 3cm / 1.2"
Net Weight: 0.083kg / 5.9oz


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