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2018 Skygazer's Almanac

  • $ 1000

What planets are visible tonight? When does twilight end? All the answers you need to plan tonight's observing session are now available.

**Note: This product is shipped and arrives folded in half like a magazine or book with information on the inside. **

Read the chart to find when planets will rise and set, and when major events such as meteor showers occur throughout the year. Dates on the chart run vertically from top to bottom, and time of night runs horizontally, from sunset at left to sunrise at right. The chart's rich detail will reveal the rhythms of the heavens.

The 40 degree North almanac is plotted for skywatchers near latitude 40 degrees north - perfect for observers in the United States, as well as Mediterranean countries, Japan, and much of China.

The 30 degree South almanac is plotted for astronomers near latitude 30 degrees South, which includes Australia and South America.

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